De – Haviland Sea Venom: - F.A.W. 53

 WZ937 – 211/Y

De Haviland Sea Venom FAW  53 ( Fighter All Weather ) serial number WZ 937 – 211/Y was one of  batch of Sea Venom’s purchased by the Royal Australian Navy in 1955.

It was flown from the manufacturers directly to Royal Naval Air Station Stretton, H.M.S. Blackcap on the 25th, October, 1955 and immediately placed in storage awaiting transportation to Australia. On the 21st February, 1956, it was flown from Stretton to  Royal Naval Air Station, Abbotsinch, Glasgow, ( H.M.S. Sanderling ) having been allocated to 808 Squadron, Royal Australian Navy, loaded on board the Aircraft Carrier, H.M.A.S. Melbourne on the 27th, February, 1956 at King George V, Dock, Glasgow, it sailed on HMAS Melbourne for Australia on the 11th, March, 1956.

The aircraft saw service with 808, 805, 724, Squadrons, Royal Australian Navy its final flight being on the 4th September, 1963.

It is presently preserved on public display at The Australian Museum of Flight, based at the former Australian Royal Naval Air Station, Nowra, New South Wales.


Photograph via the staff at the Australian Museum of Flight, Nowra, New South Wales